Yamaha Announces Tech Updates And New Colors For E-Vino In Japan

Yamaha Announces Tech Updates And New Colors For E-Vino In Japan

Yamaha has reported a couple of updates to its sole creation electric bike only accessible in the Japanese market, the E-Vino. This bike depends on the small Vino bike, which has acquired prevalence in Japan thanks to its reasonable sticker price, charming styling, and convenience. For the 2023 model year, the E-Vino offers just bit greater utility, and a new colorway. We should investigate.

First off, those hoping to add the E-Vino to their assortment, or maybe use it as their essential method for transportation to get around the Japanese metropolitan regions, Yamaha has knock up the bicycle’s battery limit. Presently at 12.2Ah, it’s equipped for going somewhat further — however still not excessively far. In the event that the past model had the option to cover 29 kilometers on a solitary charge, the refreshed variant stretches out this reach to 32 kilometers, clarifying that the E-Vino isn’t exactly intended to go past the limits of the city.

It’s pressing an AC coordinated engine evaluated for a greatest power result of 1.2 kW. Force yield is a very fledgling accommodating 7.8 Nm, or 5.5 ft-lbs. Moreover, it’s a lightweight bike, weighing in at only 68 kilograms. Yamaha claims a charge season of close to three hours, which, given the degree of innovation you’d track down in other electric bikes and bikes of today, is without a doubt, pretty unremarkable. The E-Vino rolls on little 10-inch tires on the two finishes.

Aside from the refreshed battery pack, the E-Vino likewise gets a vivacious new colorway. The variety is portrayed by Yamaha as “EV-like,’ as indicated by Japanese motoring distribution Young Machine, and seeing why is clear. The cyan and white theme radiates an extraordinarily spotless tasteful, intelligent of the vehicle’s zero-outflows nature. Yamaha likewise offers the E-Vino in an additional downplayed white and dark colorway, which gives the electric bike a considerably more retro person.

Concerning valuing and accessibility, Yamaha has set the cost of the new E-Vino at 314,600 Yen, which is what might be compared to around $2,246 USD, per current trade rates. It’s supposed to start moving into Yamaha display areas by September 30, 2022.


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