Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert is “Alright,” with a stomach injury

hargers quarterback Justin Herbert endured a big cheese to the waist in the last part of Thursday’s misfortune to the Bosses. He missed just a single play (by rule) and afterward continued to go.

The injury, anything it was/is, impacted him. He was pointing while on the sideline to a region on the left half of his middle. At a certain point, he gave an opportunity to run for a first down while in clear uneasiness.

By means of Daniel Popper of, mentor Brandon Staley told columnists after the game that Herbert is “Alright,” and that Staley doesn’t anticipate that the injury should an issue proceed. Staley said Herbert is managing a stomach issue, potentially ribs.

Brandon Staley: Justin Herbert is "Alright," with a stomach injury
Image Source : Yahoo News

Herbert, who was getting X-beams after the game, didn’t address the media.

Herbert has an additional three days before Seven days Three challenge against the Panthers. There’s plainly an issue that necessities time to mend, at any rate. The truth will surface at some point whether Herbert in the end misses time.

He was by the by gallant in his work to switch the result on Thursday night, and he made several major tosses to slice the last edge to three.


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