Biden education secretary is strongly criticizing the Republican-led “book bans.”

The head of schools, Mr. Miguel Cardona, who works with Mr. Biden, said he was very sad that some people want to take away books that talk about LGBTQ+ people and Black history in public schools. He thinks this is not good.

The person who takes care of all the schools in America, Mr. Cardona, is also a dad and a teacher. He said that parents don’t want people who work in the government to tell their children what to learn, think, and believe. That’s not how schools should work in a free country. He wrote this in a special article that was printed in a newspaper called The Tampa Bay Times on Thursday.

He said that most moms and dads are not happy with politicians who try to use their children’s learning as a way to play games in politics. They do not want their kids to learn things that go against what they think is right.

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