Best Auto News From CES 2023: Electric Pickup Trucks, Flying Cars, and More

CES is much more than just a trade exhibition promoting the newest smartphones, televisions, and other cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it’s one of the biggest and most well-known auto events in the US. Vegas in January is the ideal location to be if you want to know where the travel industry is going.

Hundreds of exhibitors from the automotive industry have already debuted some of their newest items and cutting-edge innovations at CES 2023 this year. Sony and Honda unveiled their electric vehicle (EV) prototype Afeela, which is combined with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology to offer cutting-edge entertainment, connectivity, and safety features. BMW unveiled the futuristic I Vision Dee electric vehicle.

Check out the innovative vehicle technology that has been presented at CES 2023 thus far if you want to learn more. For more, check out this week’s craziest highlights and wackiest technology.

One of the first automakers to use immersive technology is Mercedes-Benz. 5.1 surround sound with Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos is an immersive surround sound system that is typically only available in movie theatres or in a select number of expensive consumer speakers, soundbars, and headphones.

Dolby Almost, which provides sounds from every direction imaginable as contrast to traditional left and right audio, is coming to the Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

BMW’s color-changing concept car

A futuristic midsize electric automobile with a digital assistant, color-changing technology, and an augmented reality windscreen was unveiled by BMW. The exterior of the automobile is made up of 240 E Ink segments that can be individually manipulated; you can choose a solid colour if you’d like, but since each panel can be altered, you can create whatever kind of patchwork pattern you like. But the entirely digital, mixed reality windscreen has to be the most fascinating aspect. You will have control over how much “digital stuff,” such as navigational data, communications, AR projections, and virtual worlds, is displayed in front of you while you are driving.
Using a mixed reality head-up display
When the Mixed Reality Slider is turned all the way up, information or even entirely virtual worlds are projected onto the windscreen.


Sony and Honda’s electric sedan has Unreal Engine-designed interfaces
Sony and Honda unveiled the Afeela, an electric midsized sedan, at CES on Wednesday. The alliance between the two companies works like this: Honda provides the automotive engineering and after-sales service part, while Sony covers the tech side of things, including electronics, sensors and entertainment. The front of the EV has a built-in display that can be used to show off information to other drivers and pedestrians, while the entire body comes equipped with dozens of cameras and sensors to detect objects and provide an autonomous driving experience. Inside, the interface of the car is powered by Qualcomm technology and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to enhance the driving experience and provide a quality entertainment system.
Afeela Sony car announced at CES 2023
The two companies plan to have preorders up and running for the EV in 2025.

James Martin/CNET
Amazon Ring now wants to live in your car
Amazon’s Ring creates security cameras for your home and business, to provide security and allow you to keep an eye on package deliveries and other activities, and now it wants to do the same thing for your automobile. The Ring Car Cam is a dashboard-mounted dual-facing camera that can record both inside and outside your car, while you’re driving or parked. While the camera stores footage locally, it can connect to your Wi-Fi network whenever you’re parked nearby to upload footage. You can also get LTE support to always stay connected, allowing you to view a live feed in case someone else has your car; you’ll need to pay for a Ring Protect Go subscription for that. You can preorder the Ring Car Cam for $200 right now, or wait to buy it when it’s released in February for $250.

The Ring Car Cam, a dual-facing dashcam with Wi-Fi connectivity, sits atop the dashboard of a vehicle pulling past a bokeh background.
You can remotely talk with anyone in the car thanks to the camera’s built-in speaker and microphone.

An electric pickup truck… that follows you around?
Ram unveiled the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV, its first ever fully electric pickup truck, at CES 2023. The electric truck is equipped with back-swinging suicide doors, three rows of seats, an AR display, an AI personal assistant and “themes” for the interior of the car. For example, you can enable party mode or relax mode — each changes the seat positions and orientation, lighting, sound system and even the opacity of the skylight. But the most interesting thing about the electric truck has to be its “shadow mode” feature, which allows the truck to follow the driver around, sort of like a dog, when they’re on foot.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept
Arriving in 2024.

Nvidia will bring its gaming platform to select cars
GeForce Now, Nvidia’s popular cloud gaming service that allows you to play games like Fortnite and Apex Legends on your phone, tablet and TV, is soon coming to your car. During its showcase at CES 2023, Nvidia announced a partnership with Hyundai Motor Group, Polestar and BYD to integrate the gaming platform to several internet-connected vehicles. A passenger in the car can load up GeForce Now in a built-in display and play games such as Rocket League with a connected gamepad.

Nvidia GeForce Now in car
More than a thousand games will be available.


Google unveiled the newest version of Android Auto. Google revealed the availability of its most recent Android Auto software on Thursday. The new design places a higher priority on navigation, communication, and music. For example, Maps is now located closer to the driver’s seat, making it simpler to view. A new quick launcher also makes it quicker to reach the apps you use the most. A new split-screen structure adjusts to the size and position of your screen, and Google Assistant offers intelligent advice like sharing your arrival time, responding to messages, and setting reminders for music or podcasts. You’ll soon be able to use Android Auto to make WhatsApp calls if you own one of the most recent Pixel or Samsung smartphones.


Oh yeah, there will be a four-seater flying car.
Although flying automobiles haven’t yet taken off, we appear to be getting closer. At CES this year, the US company Aska unveiled what might be the first four-seater flying car in history. A single charge will allow the Aska A5, an electric vehicle the size of a small SUV, to go up to 250 miles on land and on water. Additionally, it has a little gas engine that can travel an additional 50 miles. And you can anticipate it to arrive on the roads (and in the air) quite soon.

The A5 could receive FAA approval this month, according to CEO Guy Kaplinsky, and the business intends to launch a ride-sharing service with a fleet of its flying vehicles in 2026. You can put a $5,000 deposit toward the A5’s steep $789,000 price to join the ordering list right away.

A picture of the flying car from ASKA that was on display at CES.
When you can soar over the street traffic, why would you want to?


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